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Your Kids Will Love These Simple After School Snack Ideas

Cooking takes time and not all of us have that luxury. Parents who work full-time often find that heating up a frozen meal is the fastest way to feed their kids. What makes the problem worse is that so many kids are picky about what they eat!

Here at Kids Healthy Teeth, we prioritize health over all else (it’s in our name!), but we also understand that most of our patients’ parents are on a time crunch. To help our the families we serve, we’ve put together a few convenient but healthy snacks your kids can enjoy. These snacks are simple, tasty, and tooth-friendly. In fact, our Katy pediatric dentist eats them all the time with her family!


It’s incredible how fast kids will devour their veggies when they’re served with a tasty dip. Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up some fresh carrots, celery, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes. Chop them up and serve them with some kind of carb, like pita bread, baguettes, or pretzels. Our favorite tooth-friendly dips are hummus and tzatziki, but you can experiment with others.

Fruit Salad

Speaking of dips, you can also create dips for a custom fruit salad! We love combining cream cheese with fruits like apples, pears, bananas, peaches, and berries. Fruit tastes great with nut butter, too! While peanut butter and cinnamon are a class, you can also experiment with almond butter or cashew butter.

Baked Cheese Bites

Yes, this is another recipe with cheese. No, you can never have too much cheese! Cheddar cheese bites are a delicious and easy snack that kids can indulge in after school. While you can get storebought cheese bites, making them at home is way more fun! When you get kids involved in the food-making process, they’re also more likely to want to eat their homemade snacks.

English Muffin “Pizzas”

Children love making this one on their own! Slice an English muffin in half and spread Spaghetti sauce on top. Then sprinkle with sliced olives, deli meat, vegetables, or grated mozzarella cheese – whatever toppings your child prefers. Heat these little pizzas in a toaster oven until the cheese is melted.

Last but not least, we’ve got a final tip for our amazing parents at Kid Healthy Teeth. When kids come home from school, they quickly gravitate to any snack available. In order to keep them from grabbing some unhealthy treats, place the healthy ones out in the open where they are easy to see and access. Put the unhealthy snacks in a hidden cupboard that require extra effort to reach.

We hope these after-school snacks make it onto your kitchen table and that the whole family gets to enjoy them! Our pediatric dentist in Katy is dedicated to providing her patients with great options for a healthy lifestyle.