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Our board certified pediatric dentists' mission is to focus on education, prevention, and the dentist-patient relationship. When kids and young children have good experiences with their pediatric dentist, they build a lasting relationship with oral healthcare providers for life. Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body is our motto!

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Kids Healthy Teeth brings the best pediatric dental care to the surrounding cities of Katy, TX. Our tag team of pediatric dentists combines decades of dental experience with a calming and fun atmosphere for all our child and teen patients. We'd love to be your kid's dentist as well!

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  • Pediatric dentist, Dr. Elizabeth Chen, was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She attended high school at St. Agnes Academy and went on to play collegiate soccer in Austin, TX, at St. Edward’s University.

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    Elizabeth Chen DDS, MSD

  • Dr. Sheryl Hunter Griffith is a native pediatric dentist of the Houston area. She attended the University of Houston at Clear Lake City, then, the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; obtaining a Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1982.

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    Dr. Sheryl H. Griffith DDS

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Why should my child see a pediatric dentist?

Your child should see a pediatric dentist in Katy because they will be able to track the oral health of your child. They could find cavities that are coming in that you and your child may not even realize they had! They are the keeps to a healthy and beautiful smile.

Is a pediatric dentist necessary?

A pediatric dentist in Katy is necessary. Pediatric dentists, through x-rays and examinations, can help your child gain the healthy smile that they deserve. Not only do they clean teeth, but they also help to make sure that teeth are growing correctly without complication.

What are the benefits of a pediatric dentist?

There are many benefits of going to a pediatric dentist in Katy. One benefit is that they clean your teeth for your child when they go in for their six-month appointment. Another benefit is that they will be able to tell you early if your child will need braces. From there, you can take them to see an orthodontist to straighten their smile or fix any oral complication that may arise.

What does a pediatric dentist do?

A pediatric dentist in Katy specializes in the care of children’s teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth. They had to attend extended education and residency to be able to practice. If you have more questions regarding pediatric dentists, give us a call!

What is child dental health?

Children’s dental care in Katy is very important for the overall health of your child. Many do not realize it, but dental health plays into the health of your entire body. Poor dental hygiene can eventually lead to heart failure in older adults. This is why we are keen to fight dental decay!

Why is dental care important for children?

Children’s dental care in Katy is important for children because we do not want to have them deal with the effects of cavities and dental decay throughout their lives. The sooner we can teach them the importance of oral health, the less likely they are to have dental issues as they get older.