A Pediatric Dentist in Katy Who Cares About Your Child.

Our board-certified pediatric dentists’ mission is to focus on education, prevention, and the dentist-patient relationship. When kids and young children have good experiences with their pediatric dentist, they build a lasting relationship with oral healthcare providers for life. Child Dentist Katy, Healthy Body is our motto!

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"Dr Chen is the BEST! She puts the kids at ease & seems genuinely happy to see them & makes an effort to connect with them & get to know them. The hygienists are great too. We love Sally! The health of my kids teeth are in good hands. The office staff is kind, friendly, helpful & respectful and always on top of the insurance/business. Check them out if you are looking for a pediatrician dentist!"

Debra Manuel


"Absolutely the best experience with a pediatric dentist (and we’ve been to many!). Mrs. Sally and Dr. Chen were amazing as were all the staff we interacted with. We loved that the children were not confined to a tiny room, as they are in many offices. The decor is beautiful and inviting for little ones. We’re so thrilled we finally found our pediatric dental practice!!"

Amenah Khalil

Individual Care for Individual Smiles.

We are committed to providing high quality dental care for children where we instill the importance of dental health in a safe, caring environment in order to create a lasting relationship between patients and oral healthcare providers for life.

Your First Visit to Our Pediatric Dentist in Katy, Texas

When your child comes in for the first visit, we will introduce ourselves and help make them feel comfortable. We use a technique called “Tell, show, do” to explain the series of events that will take place. We will take some x-rays before we proceed with our examination but don’t worry because we’ll ensure your kid is safe and feels comfortable, which is why we use a cute stuffed animal with teeth to walk them through the entire appointment. “Pediatric Dentists Near Me Your” kid’s visit starts with a thorough check of their teeth for signs of cavities, decay, or gingivitis. After the child’s teeth are cleaned, or not depending on the level of cooperation, one of our fabulous board-certified doctors will come to examine the child’s teeth. After the examination, our pediatric dentist in Katy will send your child home with a goody bag that contains a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a prize from the treasure tower (every child’s favorite part!).


Frequently Asked Questions

Your child should see a pediatric dentist in Katy because we specialize in treating children and are better at caring for your child’s oral health. We can help find cavities that your child may not even be aware of to keep a healthy and beautiful smile. We earn DDS or DMD degrees like general dentists and then continue our education, completing a rigorous two- or three-year postdoctoral residency to safely and appropriately treat children. The same reason you see a pediatrician instead of a PCP.

A Pediatric Dentist Near Me Katy is necessary. Katy Pediatric dental training includes advanced pediatric diagnostic and surgical procedures, hospital-based dentistry, sedation dentistry, child psychology and clinical management, and child growth and development. Not only do they keep teeth clean, but they also help to make sure that teeth are growing correctly without complication.

Everything we do to help children feel comfortable when they’re with us is deliberate, careful, and clinically proven. We spend more quality time with our patients to build rapport and trust and help get them acquainted with us and our office equipment. We also closely monitor your child’s growth and development, making sure we avoid any complications with referrals to the orthodontist when necessary if your child needs braces.

A pediatric dentist in Katy specializes in the care of children’s teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth. We are specially trained to administer sedation to children who need it. When a procedure is extensive, or a child is especially anxious or fearful, we want to prevent them from having a bad experience that can damage their psyche so they do not develop a dental phobia — fear of dentists. Oral conscious sedation is often a great way to accomplish this without the need for general anesthesia.

Children’s dental care in Katy is very important for the overall health of your child. Many do not realize it, but dental health plays into the health of your entire body. Poor dental hygiene can eventually lead to heart problems in older adults. This is why we are so passionate about fighting tooth decay and cavity and periodontal disease prevention!

Children’s dental care in Katy is important for children because we do want them to have to deal with the effects of cavities and dental decay throughout their lives. The sooner we can teach them the importance of oral health, the less likely they are to have dental issues as they get older.