When it comes to tooth restorations in Katy, you cannot talk only about one type of dental procedure. Restorative dentistry refers to several treatments aimed at restoring your mouth and dental structures to a functional and esthetic state. There are many reasons why you would need to get any of these treatments. Restoring a tooth can mean different things depending on the state of your tooth.

Dentists promote dental hygiene and may have to perform more invasive procedures to maintain or improve your dental health. If you suffer severe cavities, a dentist may need to perform a root canal or pulpectomy. You may have suffered some trauma after an accident of any nature and you may have lost a tooth, or a dentist may have had to remove a tooth due to health concerns. Whatever the reasons, you may require tooth restorations in Katy if your teeth have suffered any damage.

Restorations in Katy

When it comes to restoration treatments, you can get some of the following depending on the severity of your case:

Fillings. Fillings are part of the process to treat a tooth that has suffered infections because of severe cavities. If enough enamel has decayed due to harmful bacteria, your tooth’s pulp may suffer an infection. Aside from pain and swelling of the surrounding soft tissues, you may be at risk of developing severe infections that can spread to the rest of your body. A dentist like Dr. Elizabeth Chen would clear the infected tissue, and to preserve the functionality and structural integrity of the tooth, she will fill the tooth with an inert material.

tooth restorations in Katy

Some space maintainers also qualify as tooth restorations in Katy. We naturally expect primary teeth to fall, but they may fall prematurely, resulting in orthodontic complications and severe developmental issues. If you now have a free space in your mouth because there is a tooth missing, you could suffer from teeth malalignment later on. To avoid this, your dentist may install space maintainers. One way to install these resources is with dental crowns, and dental crowns themselves, along with more complex dentures and bridges, are restorative dentistry.

A crown will cover a decayed tooth when a patient has suffered an accident playing sports, or if the tooth has fractured due to trauma. Crowns are also very important because they help fix other appliances like space maintainers and bridges.

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