5 Pointers For Healthy Vacation Smiles

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We are happy, and we hope you are happy too. Summer is coming, and we are ready to enjoy a sunny family vacation time. But, even during summer vacation, you should always take care of your and your family’s dental health.

Vacation time sometimes modifies some of our regular schedules. This is why it is so important to maintain vigilance on keeping a healthy smile. So, here we include five essential recommendations to keep in mind during your summer vacation traveling. 

Healthy Smiles Advises During Summer Vacations

Plan Ahead Dental Visits and Consultations

Remind yourself beforehand your children have to attend dentist consultations and in-office cleanings at least twice a year. So avoid the rush of getting all together before summer vacation, and plan your kids’ dental visits, to keep your children cavity-free.

Attending dental consultations allows you to enjoy summer vacation, being stress-free of any undetected dental abnormalities that might suddenly ruin your family trip. But, you’ve got to believe us, vacation time is also a busy time at pediatric dental offices, with families waiting in lines to get their kiddos taken care of.

Prepare a Dental Hygiene Travel-Size Kit

You can find products of any kind in small travel-sized packages that are fun to place in personal bags in family, inspiring healthy habits in kids. For example, you cannot forget essential dental hygiene items: travel-size toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, and your kids’ favorite and appropriate toothbrush. 

Make sure you carry these items for every single member of your family. Also, remember to carry toothbrushes in a sanitary manner while on vacation. Finally, do not forget the special attention to your kids wearing braces; special utensils like wax can help your kid get soft tissue irritations.

Get A Bacteria-Free Toothbrush Protection Device 

Proper toothbrush storage is crucial, especially when traveling. Additional manipulation, luggage, and bathroom bacteria can find their way to your toothbrush bristles, housing them there to grow. 

If you are planning a summer vacation travel, make sure your toothbrush is covered.  Ultraviolet UV sanitizers and antibacterial covers can help you keep your toothbrush bacteria-free. 

Warm, damp environments are a no-no for you and your kid’s toothbrush, so remember to dry your toothbrush after using it.  

Mind What You Eat

Being on vacation brings a unique sensation of freedom and comfort; we feel like eating all sorts of unhealthy foods, sugary drinks, and candy that enhance bacteria growth in teeth and mouth.

In fact, opt to counterbalance every unhealthy food you get with a healthy option at all times. Also, remind yourself you planned a summer vacation trip to have fun, so do that. 

Go to a river, a mountain, or a waterpark and enjoy activities, forgetting a bit about food. If hungry while having fun, remember to carry a bag with a healthy snack, so you will feel the reward of eating healthy. 

Maintain A Routine

Regardless of what you eat, do not forget always to practice good oral hygiene habits. We know sometimes we just want to feel a cozy blanket and a soft pillow and forget to brush our teeth before going to bed; just don’t do it. 

Skipping oral hygiene at night can harm your teeth in the future.  In fact, a good idea is to brush and floss as a family ritual at night while planning the following day’s fun activities altogether.

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Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

Professional Clean-Ups

Checking ups before summer vacations is an important matter for children. Visits include removing plaque and tartar by a pediatric dental professional with special devices. 

Doing so allow your kids’ teeth to be safe and bacteria-free. A specialist can also apply a fluoride treatment during appointments to ensure your kids’ teeth remain strong until the next programmed visit.

Gingivitis Treatment

Sometimes, things get in your way before or during vacation time, and they mostly appear as emergencies. For example, your kid might require specific treatment if presenting red, swollen, and even bleeding gums. 

Based on your kid’s medical record and considering relevant information that includes currently prescribed medication or allergies, a pediatric dentist will perform an evaluation. 

A probe might help identify pockets caused by inflammations on soft mouth tissue. If so, your kid might require treatment with antibiotics.

What to do in Summer in Katy?

There are many fun activities your kids can enjoy during summer at Katy. We include a shortlist of places to visit and some exciting summer camps.

Mary Jo Peckham Park

A great place to visit in Katy, Mary Jo Peckham Park is a community park with fun amenities to enjoy with your kids, including a fishing pond, trails, an indoor pool, and a fitness center.

Typhoon Texas Water Park

You better get your tickets soon. Typhoon is open for summer, and people are attending there like crazy. Amenities at this water park are safe for any age, including toddlers. 

Schlitterbahn Waterpark And Resort

A family trip to discover Texas amenities in summer is simply perfect. You can take your kids to stay and play at Schlitterbahn. Seven options accommodate any budget. At Schlitterbahn, your children can play with splashing water all day long.

Summer Sports Performance Camp at ATH-Katy

ATH-Katy is a summer multi-sports dedicated camp for children ages 8 to 11. The camp’s main objective is to awaken and increase your child’s athletic abilities, and there is a handful of sports available. 

Kids Healthy Teeth is a pediatric dental office in Katy, TX. We consider our patient’s families, and we love hearing about their holidays whenever we see them. We hope everyone has a great summer full of fun and healthy smiles!