Ask a Katy Pediatric Dentist: Are Soft Teeth a Myth?

People often blame cavities on “soft teeth” that have been inherited from parents. But is this really a condition that can make certain people’s teeth more susceptible to cavities? Well, the answer is complicated. Yes… and no. 

Our pediatric dentist in Katy weighs in on the controversial subject at Kid’s Healthy Teeth to answer her patients’ questions!

In reality, the majority of people who suffer from frequent dental caries (cavities) have normal teeth! Their enamel is just as strong and durable as the average person’s. What they can blame for their cavities is poor dental hygiene. It’s the biggest cause of dental decay and periodontal disease. With very few exceptions, almost all cavities are entirely preventable. 

With that being said, “soft teeth” is a real condition, though it affects a very slim portion of the population. Amelogenesis Imperfecta is a condition that can result in thin, improperly formed enamel. This enamel is often uneven, discolored, and pitted. When the enamel has holes, the inner layers of teeth can become exposed to bacteria, sugar, and acids that damage the teeth further. 

Sharing eating utensils or cleaning pacifiers with the mouth can transfer bacteria from parents to babies. That’s why it’s important to be extra clean and careful with your oral hygiene, even if you’re family! 

Start practicing good habits with your child early! The American Dental Association recommends a smear of fluoridated toothpaste for kids. Of course, our pediatric dentist can’t rule out “soft teeth” without a proper dental exam first. That’s why taking your child to the pediatric dentist early on is so important! Diagnosing a genetic predisposition to cavities can help you prevent them. Give us a call at Kids Healthy Teeth in Katy, TX if you’d like to book an appointment.