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Four Fantastic, Family-friendly Dental Apps to Improve Your Brushing

Something we’ve noticed at Kids Healthy Teeth these days is how prevalent technology has become at our practice in Katy and daily lives in general! Most of our patients have smartphones or tablets to stay on top of their busy schedules. These devices are so intuitive that even kids can use them recreationally. As pediatric dental specialists, we’re excited to see how we can use the apps on these devices to help our patients. Below we have compiled a list of fun, family-friendly dental apps that can help you and your family stay on top of your oral hygiene game! 

Tiny Dentist

Rather than telling your kids why the pediatric dentist is important, show them! Tiny Dentist is a cool app that you can download on iTunes. Kids learn about basic oral care and get to practice common dental procedures by playing with cute, relatable characters. In the game, players get to choose different operations to perform on patients like removing cavities, brushing teeth, and whitening teeth! It’s a great way to encourage oral care in real life and it’ll make your child’s first appointment with the dentist much less scary.   More Info. 

ADA Dental Symptom Checker

This app, produced by the American Dental Association, provides amazing, detailed insight on different dental diseases and problems. Parents can use it to detect if their child needs to see the dentist. Obviously, we always recommend talking to a dental professional if you suspect something may be wrong, but this app is still a terrific educational tool and comes from a source you can trust.  More Info 

Brush DJ

The whole family can join in on the fun of Brush DJ. It can be hard to estimate exactly how long 2 minutes when you’re brushing, so Brush DJ will do it for you! The app will choose two minutes of music from your devices’ music library and sets a timer while you brush. Not only does this make brushing more fun, but it encourages you to be more thorough in your twice daily routine! This app is particularly great for kids who are reluctant to brush and rush through the process. Letting them hear their favorite tunes while they clean their teeth will keep them more engaged in the routine. More Info.

Monster Mouth

Like Tiny Dentist, monster mouth once places kids in the role of the dentist, but this time it’s for some very unconventional patients.  Children are tasked with cleaning plaque and fixing cavities for comical monsters. They can choose from three modes – easy, medium, and hard. This app is also compatible with most devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android. 


While this isn’t exactly an app, it can be played from an app! Chompers is a podcast that tells kid-friendly two-minute stories, so kids have something to look forward to every time they brush their teeth. It will also count every time kids brush their teeth, so they have “streaks” to maintain. This will motivate your kids to keep up their good dental habits even on days when they’re super tired or busy. Chompers is produced by Gimlet media, but it can be played on most music/podcast apps like Spotify and iTunes. More info

Kids Healthy Teeth was designed to be inviting and friendly for kids, but we understand if your child is a little apprehensive about their first visit. These dental apps are a great way to introduce them to dental health, so they can arrive at the dentist prepared! There are a lot of other dental apps available for download as well, and we encourage you to look up ones that work for you and your family. Many of them are incredibly fun, informative, and free! 

To book an appointment with our pediatric dentist in Katy, feel free to give us a call! We’re always happy to help.