Pie For Your Thanksgiving Dinner in Katy

Pie For Your Thanksgiving Dinner in Katy

We are so thrilled, we are walking on the end of the 2022s sidewalk, and the Holidays are around the corner. When we think of those delicious pies and the table full of treats on Thanksgiving, we can only say, yummy, yummy.

Did you know parents, relatives, and friends give kids a bag full of candies before Christmas eve in some Latin American countries? Also, families get around on the first day of the new year, and kids break their piñata like a pot full of candy.

Ok, ok, let’s stop talking about candy and pies for a moment. We love them, and we can’t deny it, but come on, they can harm your teeth badly, so we recommend parents guide their kids on brushing and flossing.

Now back again to our talk; we love pies. So this awesome article deals with what? Yeap, ultramegasuperdooper pies. So, we will talk about the best pies in Katy you can discover and take your family to enjoy.

Where To Get the Best Thanksgiving Pie in Katy, TX

Proud Pie

They are part of the community, and we love that. So that may be the reason why they are so proud. Or might it be the Big Texas Muddy Bottom Pecan Pie? Well, it should be the Pecan Pie because it is something out of this world, and we love it.

Artisan pies and gourmet coffees, a book, and a chilly afternoon are the best combinations you need. So grab your jacket and get there; you may not want to leave!!!

KK Cheesecakes

Happiness is just a cheesecake away, that is what they say, and we believe them. A Boozy Berry Cheesecake is a must, but we also like the Banana Pudding Cheesecake, but we feel like having a Cookies and Cream Cheesecake today. Oh no! We want them all.

Just check their pies on their website. You will feel confused and won’t know which one to choose to cause they all seem delicious.

Copenhagen European Kitchen & Bakery

Art, art, and more art. But, also, Copenhagen is the capital city, which makes us conclude their pastries are delightful. In fact, who hast heard of danish bread? Put simply, Danish pastry is well-known and admired around the entire world.

But what a lovely combination is the Danish bakery tradition and healthy food. You can enjoy exquisite Danish Tree Logs TRÆSTAMMER with a coffee on the outdoor patio at Copenhagen European Kitchen & Bakery.

Some Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes

Roasted Turkey

Soft and juicy turkey is the main course of any Thanksgiving family reunion. And who could deny some tasty flavors like sweet potato casserole, green beans, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and maple syrup are just part of a classic recipe that makes our holiday table the best of the holiday season.

Here we bring a brief overview of how to prepare it:


Add parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, lemon-pepper, and salt into a bowl, stirring constantly, and then rub it in the entire turkey.

Add celery, orange, onion, and carrot to the mixture and insert it into the turkey.


Wrap a pan with foil and wrap the turkey. Then you can pour some champagne into the turkey’s cavity.


Cover the turkey with the foiling sheet and roast it in a preheated oven. You might as well uncover the turkey and keep roasting it until you see it getting a golden brown color. Have a wholeberry cranberry sauce ready to enjoy with your turkey.

Thanksgiving Turkey in Katy, TX, is always a great option

Creamy au Gratin Potatoes

A creamy cheese sauce with potatoes in a French dish is addictive. You can serve this dish as a side of roasted turkey. Here we include some details on how to prepare it.

Prepare the Casserole:

Set half the potatoes on the casserole’s surface and season. Include a layer of onion slices, add the other half of the potatoes, and season again.

Prepare the Sauce:

Let some butter melt in a saucepan; slowly add flour and salt, stirring the mixture. Once thick, stir in some cheese.

Bake the Casserole:

Pour the sauce over the first preparation with the potatoes. Then cover the dish with foil. To know the dish is ready, check if the potatoes are tender and the mixture bubbles.

Proper Child Dental Care During the Holidays

We love the Holidays and the delicious foods and treats we eat during this special time of the year. However, we must remember how important it is to maintain a healthy denture.

You can try to sweeten your pies and treats with non-caloric sweeteners. You might also try to limit the consumption of sugary foods and guide your child on brushing and flossing twenty minutes after food intake.

Guide your little one to brush the front teeth with circular movements and brush the occlusal part of teeth in each of the four quadrants for at least thirty seconds to one minute on each.

Teach your kid to brush the outer face of molars from the back to the front with up and down movements, clearing the interdental spaces. Finally, brush the tongue and repeat if needed.

Once finished with the brushing routine, hand your kid a floss threader, grab her hands, show her how to insert the flossing thread between her teeth, and move it with up and down movements along the interdental space. Repeat this process for each interdental space between teeth.

Let’s Celebrate The Holidays Keeping In Mind Good Hygiene Habits

Holidays are just a few weeks from now, and we invite our Katy neighbors to reunite with their families and share the joy of the gatherings. Get some candy, but not much, and remember to schedule your kid’s biannual teeth checkup at Kids Healthy Teeth.