Yogurt and Your Teeth

Most dentists consider yogurt to be a dental superfood. Not only is it delicious and popular with kids, but yogurt is also a healthy choice full of probiotics and calcium.  Many academic studies over the last few years have cited yogurt’s benefits far beyond digestive health.  Here are a few of the exciting ways that yogurt can help keep you smiling:

Yogurt helps gums.

A Japanese study of 1,000 adults revealed that the healthiest gums were found in those who ate the most yogurt.  Probiotics, also known as the “good bacteria” found in yogurt contain active cultures may help to slow the growth of cavity-causing bacteria.  Healthy gums are vital to your overall well-being because gum disease can put you at an increased risk for a wide range of complications including heart disease. When choosing yogurt, make sure that the container is labeled with the “live and active cultures” seal.

Yogurt strengthens teeth.

As you know, yogurt is a dairy product that is high in calcium, which keeps your teeth and bones strong.  Calcium maintains the density of your skeletal bones through years of deposit while your body is growing the most.  Because of this, children especially benefit from the calcium found in yogurt. After permanent teeth erupt, calcium can help prevent tooth decay by remineralizing enamel.

Yogurt fights bad breath.

Researchers have discovered that eating six ounces of yogurt each day greatly reduces the bad breath causing compounds like hydrogen sulfide.  It turns out that the probiotics found in yogurt help to keep “smelly” bacteria in check.

Yogurt makes your mouth less acidic.

Cavity-causing bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. Yogurt can balance your mouth’s PH levels and creating a less hospitable place for bacteria to live. The best yogurt for your dental health is plain and sugar-free. Greek yogurt is particularly great because it often contains the highest amount of probiotics.  If you or your children crave a sweet addition to your yogurt, try adding a dash of honey or fresh fruit. 

Yogurt is a braces-friendly food

Yogurt is also great for patients who recently got braces. It’s soft and easy to eat without much if any chewing. It’s also incredibly versatile – you can use it in a parfait or even as a dressing for the salad. 

Yogurt is a fantastic option to promote healthy teeth, among other options for healthy snacks. For more information about healthy snacks for your teeth, visit your Katy pediatric dentist at Kids Healthy Teeth.