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What To Do With Your Child’s Baby Teeth

Last month, we talked about the history of the tooth fairy and her different origins. But there is a question that we forgot to ask: what do you do with your child’s teeth once the tooth fairy has completed her business with them? Some parents throw the teeth away, while others keep them for sentimental or scientific reasons. Some parents think it is very creepy to keep baby teeth, but others love to do it. If you find yourself in the second category, here are some ideas for you!

If you’re going to keep your child’s teeth anywhere, remember that it is important to clean them completely before storing them for sanitation purposes. Any leftover moisture could lead to mold, and we don’t want that!

Keepsake Box

Find a beautiful box that you want to display or keep in a safe place, and keep your child’s teeth in that! Some online shops even make keepsake boxes that are specially designed to hold teeth, with a designated spot for each individual baby tooth.

Baby Book

If you don’t want to store a whole separate container for your child’s teeth, try keeping an envelope with one or all of their teeth in their baby book! This can be a sweet addition to a sentimental keepsake. Many parents choose to just keep the first lost tooth in the baby book as a memory of the milestone, so this might be a good compromise between keeping all of the teeth or throwing them all away.

Tooth Jewelry

You can actually order keepsake baby tooth jewelry from marketplaces like Etsy! Sellers and artisans offer jewelry molded from the shape of your child’s tooth, and some even offer jewelry designs that incorporate the actual teeth as charms or other parts of the design. As a slightly bizarre side note, you can also legally sell baby teeth on Etsy, and most sellers charge about $5 per tooth.

Stem Cells

This is a very expensive and fairly new healthcare development, but keeping your child’s teeth could be useful in future medical situations. Scientists have found a way to preserve baby teeth so that stem cells can be extracted later, should your child ever have a medical need for them. The teeth have to be sent to the storage facility as soon as they fall out to ensure the necessary compounds will still be intact. Talk to your doctor to see if baby tooth preservation might be a worthwhile choice for your child.

Science Projects

Once your child gets into later elementary school and middle school, the science fairs start coming. If you still have their baby teeth, your child can do fun projects with them, like testing the effects of different liquids on teeth! This project gets bonus points for encouraging them to brush more after drinking sugary, acidic drinks.

Do you keep your child’s baby teeth? Let us know in the comments down below!