When Can My Child Return to School After Tooth Extraction?

Kids will have to recover a bit before they return to school after a tooth extraction.

Parents already have a lot to deal with when it comes to raising a child and ensuring they have all the help they need for healthy dental development, which is why, when they have to bring their kid for some dental work, some parents ask how to deal with a kids tooth extraction and when can their kid return to school or sports after treatment.

Don’t worry, though, as parents can prioritize their kids’ dental care by considering the level of care and the Pediatric Dentists’ experience with kids. Dr. Chen graduated with a Post-Doctoral Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry and a Master of Science in Dentistry.

Moreover, Dr. Chen’s eagerness to maintain the highest professional and service standards keeps her seeking the uttermost certification honors in pediatric dentistry. Dr. Chen is a board-certified pediatric dentist awarded the “Best of Katy Readers Choice in pediatric dentistry” for six years in a row (2017- 2022).

A Board Certification by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry ensures our little patients a specialist devoir and vow to excellency by enduring a process to obtain a certification that encompasses a Qualifying and an Oral Clinical Examination.

A certification of this nature has a lasting period of ten years. Specialists seeking excellency in pediatric dentistry voluntarily apply for re-certification before the expiration of a certificate. This ensures parents that the specialist is committed to lifelong learning.

Above all, Dr. Chen’s values have helped her gain a strong reputation in the Katy community by providing compassionate assistance. Dr. Chen deems it crucial to encourage dental education to kids and parents, emphasizing oral and dental preventive care.

All of the mentioned reinforces the value given to your kid’s health and strengthens a close relationship with parents.

Why Would My Child Need Dental Extraction?

Becoming more familiar with the situations when you might expect a dental extraction will help reduce any anxiety related to the procedure. Generally speaking, we don’t rush any dental extractions, as we want to keep the teeth in for as long as it’s necessary to ensure your child enjoys proper dental development as they age. Some common situations that require a tooth extraction in kids include:

  • Overcrowding. When your child visits an orthodontist from a young age and receives a positive diagnosis for dental alignment problems, such as overcrowding, it may be necessary to perform a dental extraction that allows incoming teeth to erupt and align correctly. Moreover, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends parents take their kids for their first orthodontic visit at age seven.
  • Severe Tooth Decay. Over 20% of all children in the US suffer from some type of tooth decay and have to fight at least one cavity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tooth decay is worryingly prevalent in kids, and when this condition is left untreated by parents, the tooth’s structural integrity might degrade to such a level that the pediatric dentist might have to recommend a dental extraction.
  • Direct Trauma to the Tooth. Some kids are at an increased risk of suffering direct trauma to their mouths. If your kid practices contact sports, it’s possible they might receive a blow to the face, and their teeth might suffer a lot of damage, resulting in treatments that include tooth extraction, cosmetic dentistry solutions, or restorative dentistry.

How Do We Deal With a Kids’ Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is a scary situation for an adult. Can you imagine how intimidating this might be for a kid? In some cases, the simple idea of attending a dental visit could be frightening; even more, dealing with the idea of getting a tooth pulled off makes anyone shrivers.

Luckily, Dr. Chen has ample experience providing dental treatments to kids and making this experience gentle and, most importantly, painless. So your kid will be anxiously waiting to go back to “The Home of the Super Smiles.”

Moreover, tooth extraction is often a quick procedure. Yet, after an extraction, your kid might have an unusual feeling of numbness in the lips that will fade away after the sedatives wear off. However, this doesn’t mean everything is over. Dr. Chen recommends parents observe the following:

  • Keep an eye on your kid to avoid making too much effort spitting;
  • Help your kid with some warm salt water for making gargles and carefully spitting them. This can also help for a quick recovery;
  • Follow Dr. Chen’s prescriptions for pain medications;
  • Avoid any element or device that requires sucking, like straws, pacifiers, or bottles, and;
  • Momentarily withdraw carbonated or hot beverages from the kid’s diet.

Please consider this advice because failing to prevent these actions from occurring might end up in bleeding and pain. Also, it is essential for parents to remain calm and transmit a serene and soothing sensation to the kid because there will be some oozing that will recede after the second day.

Take this time to help your kid and save the tooth in a keepsake box or Google tips about how to preserve baby teeth for stem cells at home. You don’t know when you will need them. You might also take a little time to read our blog about where the tooth fairy comes from with the Weird Story: The Tooth Fairy and see some fun alternatives to help your kid overcome this moment with a positive attitude.

When Can My Child Return to School After Tooth Extraction?

Having a tooth pulled off is not the coolest of plans for a kid, but Dr. Chen knows how to manage this situation and engage your kid with the idea that the experience goes from potentially horrible to exciting.

Yet, for a kid, it is also cool to skip going to school. You can use this to cheer your kid, but have a little caution on not stimulating your child too much. Please talk to your kid and explain that resting and avoiding any physically strenuous activity is crucial for a rapid recovery.

The good news is kids’ recovery times are quicker than those in adults, and depending on the severity and number of extractions, your kid might be ready to come back to school after spending a couple of days at home.

Yet, it is important to check with Dr. Chen for a clinical discharge, especially when your kid endured a more traumatic than regular extraction.

Can A Child Swim After Getting a Tooth Extraction?

Your kid can resume daily activites, such as sports or swimming only several days after their dental extraction. They need time to heal.

We wouldn’t recommend it. In fact, you should let your kid wait at least 24 hours before resuming any type of physical activity, as it is extremely important to let the surrounding muscles relax and the tissue recover from the procedure.

Besides, a relatively open or recent wound is especially susceptible to infections. The odds of your kid having an infection increase exponentially when they go into a public pool for swimming lessons. Similarly, you should consider that we need blood clots to form and stop the bleeding to let the tissue heal; all the water rushing in as they swim effectively rinses the area and dislodges any formed blood clots, causing pain and more bleeding.

Please let several days go by before resuming swimming lessons, or contact your kids’ dentist for more detailed instructions for your children.

When Can I Work Out After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Impacted wisdom teeth are another reason why a dentist will recommend tooth extraction. As the teeth become impacted, they increase the odds of infections and the formation of an abscess. We want to avoid this at all costs and preserve your kid’s oral health. But once we’ve completed the tooth removal process, your kid should wait at least 48 hours before resuming any type of workout or sports activity.

These first 48 hours are the ones where your kid will face the most discomfort and where the healing process begins. Please help your kid take a few days off from their usual routine to enable proper rest and promote efficient healing. Avoid heavy lifting and sports at all during these initial 48 hours of physical recovery.

Even now, we’re talking about routine extractions, but if your kid requires treatment in a dedicated setting with the help of an oral surgeon, they will require even longer before resuming their daily routine. Please make sure to get in touch with your kids’ dentist for more accurate instructions.

Your kid will continue to heal for several weeks after the procedure, and we recommend you keep them away from contact sports or activities that increase the risk of suffering direct trauma to their face or mouth.

What Can My Kid Eat After a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is something parents must take seriously. Our little patients might not realize they have passed through a clinical procedure and might start fluttering, running, and hopping all over without realizing they must rest. Dr. Chen gives parents advice to parents about tips to have their kids at ease and get a full and quick recovery.

Yet, part of a successful recovery includes following a diet for a few days, at least during oozing. So, here we include some delicious cool and soft foods your kid will enjoy, and that will help to get a swift recovery:

Creamy Fruit Smoothie

Blend together frozen strawberries, bananas, and Greek yogurt for a nutritious, easy-to-eat meal. The cold temperature will provide relief to your child’s gums, while the yogurt’s probiotics will promote the healing process and reduce the risk of infection. Plus, it’s a tasty treat that your child will love.

Yogurt Pudding

Simply mix together Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, and honey for a sweet and healthy snack. Yogurt is a great source of protein and vitamins, making it an ideal food for post-extraction recovery. You can also add in some mashed fruit or pureed vegetables to increase the nutritional value.

Chilled Soup

Gazpacho is a great choice – it’s a tomato-based soup served cold with diced vegetables and herbs. You can also try a cold cucumber soup or creamy potato soup. Soups are easy to digest and require minimal chewing, making them perfect for a child who has just undergone a dental procedure.

Some other important dietary recommendations for parents to take care of their kids during recovery time include:

  • Give your kid plenty of water and place ice packs or a cold compress in the adjacent area;
  • Avoid by all possible means acidic foods, and cook a separate portion for your kid to prevent giving them any spicy food;
  • Avoid hard, crunchy foods that can hurt the extraction site (tooth socket) and;
  • Stick to soft and cold food options for the first few days of recovery.

All Kids Are Welcome to the Home of the Super Smiles

Having healthy and beautiful teeth can be fun. At Kids Healthy Teeth, Dr. Chen has extensive experience caring for kids’ teeth with a fun and compassionate touch that makes your little one want to come back.

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body is Dr. Chen’s motto! So, we encourage parents to be aware of the need for child preventive dental care. Schedule an appointment. You will be amazed how getting a healthy smile for your kid turns out to be fun.