Your Infant’s Teeth: When Should Care Begin?

toddler boy brushing his teeth 2

Get a head start on your child’s dental care, so they are set up with the tools and habits for healthy teeth in the future! Time passes quickly and children grow up fast, so it’s better to start now. Here are a few tips from our amazing pediatric dentist at Kids Healthy Teeth in Katy, TX.

Start early.

A baby’s teeth first erupt around 6 months to 1 year of age (It’s okay if your child’s teeth erupt a little later or earlier than that. All kids are unique!). This is the perfect time to start consulting with a pediatric dentist about how to best take care of your child’s teeth. Dr. Nanna Ariaban, a pediatric dentist from Alpharetta, advises parents to visit the dentist by the time their child is one to learn more about proper nutrition and dental hygiene. Teething is a bit of a painful process that will require your help for your child to get through. You can start by giving your child safe teething objects and also wiping their mouth with a soft cloth after feeding them. This will reduce bacteria that can harm baby teeth.

Begin brushing right after the first tooth emerges.

Even baby teeth can get cavities. Start brushing right when the first tooth emerges. The pediatric dentist can help you with what kind of toothbrush and toothpaste works best for infants. These tools usually have small brush heads and a special handle that allows you to brush the baby. You can brush twice a day or after every meal. Giving your baby water instead of milk in their bottles can also decrease dental decay.

Establish a dental home.

The first visit to your child’s pediatric dentistry practice should be more of a “meet and greet”.  At our dental practice in Katy, TX, we can give you and your child a mini-tour, and introduce you to our team.  It is our belief that a comfortable, caring environment is essential for a lifetime of healthy smiles.  We would love to see your child when their first tooth arrives or by age one.

Establish a routine for the whole family.

Children copy what they see their parents do.  Most likely, parents who make oral hygiene a priority will pass that mentality onto their kids.  Try making brushing and flossing a family activity every day. There are tons of fun dental apps and activities that you can use to make the event more fun. The best time to start practicing great dental habits is today.  We encourage you to share this blog post with your friends and family who have young children.  And don’t forget to call the pediatric dentists in Katy at Kids Healthy Teeth if it’s time for a check-up!