Fun Things to Do and Healthy Activities for Children in Katy

Fun things are waiting for you and your family in Katy, TX

Kids need many things growing up, and their demands change with age. One thing that is constant throughout their whole infancy (and life, actually) is healthcare. Visiting the pediatric dental office is something your child will do regularly, once or twice a year, and more if an emergency occurs.

Your kid should learn to love their pediatric dentist from his first years and experiences. Going to the dentist can be fun. At Kids Healthy Teeth, we believe that fun and dentistry can be mixed. And fun is another pillar of the development of your kids.

This is why we not only like to give our patients and their families dental health tips and our two cents on dental care for children, but we also like to share experiences with our patients. The city of Katy is filled with hundreds of activities to do with the entire family.

General Recommendations to Have Fun With Children

Thanks to the great weather we have in Texas, Katy is perfect for outdoor activities almost all year long. We can find great parks for your kids to have fun and exercise with family and friends.

We just left Halloween behind, and if you read our blog about the perfect Halloween agenda for your family, you are now ready for two things: this article about the upcoming holidays and back to check the dental hygiene routine of your kids. Yes, we’ve got you.

Two of the major holidays are around the corner. Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and Christmas is waiting for us to the rhythm of I Don’t Want a Lot for Christmas.

While you wait for these to come, we still want you to have fun, and we know your kids will thank you for this. So, keep reading to find a list of places to go and what to do – Parks, Restaurants, and more!

Best Summer Activities in Katy, TX

We know the air is already getting a bit cold, and the weather is changing for the next season. But as we said, Katy has one of the best weather conditions throughout the year, and this means it is still time for some summer fun.

Our summer list of activities is still helpful because places like The Goddard School of Katy s always organizing events for the community.

In November, they will be offering Music Enrichment every Friday. The event will count on the special participation of bilingual puppets, so it will be fantastic for the family’s youngest members.

Best Restaurants in Katy, TX

If there is something small ones love as much as grown-ups, it’s going out for dinner! You probably have experienced how they get tired of eating the same dishes at home and how excited they get even when the same ingredients are presented differently.

So, one of the easiest and best things you can share with your family is trying new delicious food and selecting your favorites over time. Here’s a list of suggestions from us:

Da Vinci Ristorante Italiano

This Italian restaurant is a big favorite for the people in Katy. They serve authentic Italian food, which we all love. They also have a great family environment and kid-friendly dishes on their menu.

Ephesus Mediterranean Grill

A family business created by a Turkish family. People know their food as being delicious. They are a special option since they focus on fusion food, combining the best flavors from Mediterranean cuisine, Turkish tradition, and Middle East recipes.

Perhaps they sound too excentric for your kid’s taste, but they also have children-adapted cool alternatives.

Local Table

Local Table is another Mediterranean cuisine option, but the particularity they offer is that they are 100% locally oriented. They use local ingredients from local businesses in Katy.

They also have vegan options and famous burgers!

Best Parks and Outdoor Activities in Katy, TX

We want to summarize and add new places to our latest article regarding the many amazing options for outdoor’s activities -the topic is always relevant!

Exploration Park

It’s still one of our big favorites because this park offers lots of physical activities, which is great for children’s health and complementary to their overall dental care. Find it on Cinco Park Road.

Pinot’s Palette

This is one of our new additions. We love the idea of kids expressing their endless creativity through art. Pinot’s Palette is a place where your kid can sit in front of a blank canvas and let the paintbrush speak.

Mary Jo Peckham Park

Also, a new place since our last Kid’s Healthy Teeth blog. Mary Jo Peckham Park is a very nice and big alternative for families to play in green spaces and enjoy the constant sunshine we have in Katy. Your kids will be able to run, climb and play.

The Best Pediatric Dentist in Katy, TX

Let’s not forget about the most important thing we have to offer: dental healthcare for your kid. We love going out to eat, exercise and play, but our true passion is dentistry for kids.

We love learning about new technologies to make dental treatments easier for children, and we are fans of seeing our patients’ dentures and mouths get better. Teaching you and your kid to prevent tooth decay and other oral health issues makes us happy.

Both our pediatric dentists, Dr. Griffith and Dr. Chen, are doctorate graduates from Texas and have years of experience with kids’ oral health. They are prepared for surgeries, complex cases, and day-to-day check-ups.

Children? They love them.

Best Places to Buy Thanksgiving Pie

Back to the real fun. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we have a list of recommendations for places where to buy the best pies in town.

Copenhagen European Kitchen & Bakery

Their pies are famous just as their Danish pastries. Everything they bake seems to be conceived to bring joy to your tongue. Your kids will surely love them – just remind them to wash their teeth.

Cooking With Your Kids

If you’d like to cook something with the help of your family, we also have a list of recipes dedicated especially to Thanksgiving Day. We highly recommend Roasted Turkey one. Kids usually love to help with vegetables and sauces.

Keep Your Child’s Teeth in Mind

Start the holiday season knowing your kid’s denture can happily take all of the delicious treats you have prepared for them. Find our pediatric dental services near you in Katy, and set an appointment with our team!